Why Airbrush??

Girls, you may or may not have heard about airbrush make up, but I am here to tell you why I use it and LOVE it!!

The airbrush uses compressed air to deliver make up with a soft-focus, even finish unlike any other make up. Have you ever wondered why celebrities have such perfect flawless skin? Well its because they have the top make up artists working on then with the air brush. I have used my airbrush compressor and ‘Temptu’ bases for the majority of my career both on and off screen. I would say 90% of my brides choose to use the airbrush over any other top brand foundations. With the airbrush you are guaranteed…

  • Long lasting skin perfection. Your skin will look as flawless on the dance floor as it did walking down the isle the morning of your wedding.
  • Healthy/ glowing skin. Everyone will complement you complexion and glowing skin rather than just asking what foundation your using because the airbrush gives perfect coverage without looking like your wearing a lot of make up.
  • Not to feel ‘caked’. Not only will it look natural but this foundation also feels lighter than any other foundation with the same coverage.
  • No more bleeding. Never will you feel your foundation becomes patchy or leaves you with any poorly blended lines, the Temptu bases are mixed to each individual skin tone and blended beautifully with the fine airbrush mist.